TechnoFloors LLC - Faq
TechnoFloors LLC - LED Dance Floors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the floor be installed?
Anywhere there is a solid, flat surface that is approved for the weight load that is expected.
Is the lighted dance floor waterproof?
Yes, to IP63 standards. (Water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60 degrees from the vertical shall have no harmful effect.)
Does the dance floor need a special electrical outlet?
NO, our largest floor uses a standard 120 Volt / 15 Amp outlet.
How can something with lights be safe to dance on?
First, we use fully WATERPROOF low voltage LEDs to light up our tiles. The lighted tiles are covered with .625" of high impact Plexiglas. Then we top it off by covering the entire floor in a waterproof vinyl. Our dance floor is designed to withstand the normal spills and moisture associated with a typical dance floor. AS WITH ALL DANCE FLOORS; SPILLS AND STANDING LIQUIDS MUST BE REMOVED.
Can I get hurt by the electric somehow?
No, each lighted tile is powered with less power that a flashlight uses. NO electrical hazard is present.
How does the dance floor get to my event?
TechnoFloors dispatches the lighted dance floor from Las Vegas,NV. in a company owned small trailer. The dance floor is maneuvered around in standard wheeled road cases. Full access to the final installation point is needed.
Who will install the lighted dance floor?
Factory trained professional technicians will arrive at the designated time to completely install as well as dismantle the lighted dance floor.
Is there anyone that is available during the event?
Yes, a properly dressed event manager from TechnoFloors will be on site for immediate feedback.
How far in advance do I need to book?
TechnoFloors will reserve a date for installation once the reservation fee is cleared. No special booking fees are added or charged. Payment in full is due 28 days before the event.
What other fees and charges will appear?
NONE, we will provide you with a FULL PRICE at the time of booking.
Does TechnoFloors rent other lights and audio equipment? Will you provide a DJ?
NO, TechnoFloors is a professional illuminated dance floor rental company. Because this is all we do, you can count on it being done right!
Can I put a printed logo or picture on the top of the floor?
YES, unlimited design options are available for overlays and printing. The only limit is your imagination!
Can you provide a floor for very large parties?
TechnoFloors largest floor size is 15' x 20' of lighted area, this is enough room for events up to 200 guests. Our floor also adapts to the standard type of portable dance floors that come in different colors. We have the ability to combine multiple floors in order to create the size you need.

4 reasons to choose TechnoFloors LLC:

• The best possible pricing for your special event guaranteed !
• The comfort in working with a professional company that specializes in lighted dance floors
• Our professional staff and installers will be present for your event
• The unparalleled quality of our luxury dance floors illuminating your special event

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